1 RULES:  All races will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing 2005-2008 (RRS); the prescriptions of U. S. Sailing; the current Performance Handicap Racing Fleet Regulations as administered by the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound; the Minimum Equipment Recommendations of the YRALIS; the rules of any fleet racing as a level or one design class; (except as any of these are altered by the Notice of Race or these Sailing Instructions) and by the Notice of Race and these Sailing Instructions.  This is a category A event in accordance with RRS 79 and RRS G.


2 NOTICES TO COMPETITORS:  Notices to competitors, class assignments and changes to the sailing instructions will be posted on the Official Notice Board at the Norwalk Yacht Club.  As a convenience to competitors we also intend to post Sailing Instructions and Notices on the Norwalk Yacht Club web site at  However, the Official Notice Board posting governs and failure to post notices on the web site is not a valid basis for protest.


3 CHANGES TO SAILING INSTRUCTIONS:  Any change to the sailing instructions or to the class assignments will be posted before 0930 on the day it will take effect, except that any change to the schedule of races will be posted by 2000 on the day before it will take effect.


4 SIGNALS MADE ASHORE:  Signals made ashore will be displayed from the yard arm at the Norwalk Yacht Club and have the following meanings:

Code flag “B” fully hoisted with one sound means that the Protest Time has begun, when lowered half way it means that there less than 30 minutes are remaining before Protest Time ends and when lowered it means Protest Time has ended.

Code flag “L” means that a change to the sailing instructions has been posted.

Code flag “N” over Code flag “A” means all races are abandoned.                                     

Code flag AP over Code flag H means all races are postponed and skippers should inquire at the race office for instructions.


Race No.



Starting Area

Start Time



June 7



Greens Ledge




July 4

Firecracker Race


Greens Ledge




July 12

Parade of Sail

Greens Ledge




August 23

Rum Cup

Greens Ledge




September 6

Greens Ledge

Greens Ledge




September 13

Women’s’ Yellow Rock Race

Greens Ledge











6 CLASSES AND CLASS FLAGS: Classes will be announced by scratch sheets, which will be available at the Norwalk Yacht Club no later than 09:30 on the day of the race.  Scratch sheets designating classes will also be available on the Race Committee Boat(s).  Class flags will be designated in the scratch sheets but will normally be the Numeral Flag corresponding to the Class designation in the scratch sheet.  For example:




Class 1 All Spinnakers

Numeral 1

Class 2 All Non Spinnakers

Numeral 2

Class 3 Multi-hulls

Numeral 3

Class 4 Single/Double-handed

Numeral 4


6.1 The Race Committee reserves the right to increase the number of classes in individual races if sufficient applications are received.  In such cases, all applicants will be notified in advance and scratch sheets will be available from the Committee Boat before the race, along with revised starting instructions, as required.


7 RACING AREA:  Area south of Rowayton, Connecticut in the vicinity of Greens Ledge Lighthouse.





8.1 Diagrams of the Courses are attached in Appendix A.

The course chosen for each fleet will be displayed by the Committee Boat and the course will be comprised of inflatable marks or race committee boat(s) as indicated in 9.1 below. The Race Committee boat may change an announced course at any time prior to, but no later than, the class warning signal and during a postponement.


8.2  When only one course is displayed, that is the course for the next class to start. When multiple courses are displayed the following designations identify the class course assignments:


Course is for:


All Classes or next class after warning signal


All Spinnaker Classes


All Non Spinnaker Classes






8.3   Courses will normally be displayed vertically and are read from top to bottom.  If for any reason a course is displayed horizontally, it shall be displayed from forward to aft on the committee boat. 




9.1 New marks, as provided in instruction 11.1, may be designated by the race committee and may be a committee boat or an inflatable mark.


9.2  All marks shall be rounded to port with the exception of the Z course which has one midcourse rounding of the Starting Mark/Pin to starboard (see diagram in Appendix A)




10.1 Races will be started by using rule 26 with the warning signal given five minutes before the starting signal.  The starting procedure is illustrated as follows:

Starting Sequence:


Class 1                                                Flag and Sound

1100 Warning                                      Class flag; 1 sound

1101 Preparatory                                P, I, Z, Z with I, or black flag; 1 sound

1104 One-Minute                                 Preparatory flag removed; 1 long sound

1105 Start                                           Class flag removed; 1 sound.

Class 2

1105 Warning                                      same as above

1106 Preparatory

1109 One-Minute

1110 Start

Class 3

1110 Warning                                      same as above

1111 Preparatory       

1114 One-Minute

1115 Start

Class 4 (Single/Double-handed)

1115 Warning                                      same as above

1116 Preparatory       

1119 One-Minute

1120 Start


Other Signals

I code flag accompanied by one sound - Rule 30.1 “Round an End Rule” is in effect.

C code flag accompanied by several sounds - Next mark changed

N code flag accompanied by three sounds – Abandonment

S code flag with two sounds - Shorten course. Finish between Committee Boat & nearby mark

X code flag accompanied by one sound - Individual Recall

Y code flag accompanied by one sound - Wear personal buoyancy

Z code flag accompanied by one sound - Rule 30.2 “20% Penalty” is in effect.

Black Flag accompanied by one sound - Rule 30.3 is in effect.

Answering Pennant (AP) code flag with two sounds - Postponement. 

First Substitute (FS) code flag with two sounds - General recall for the class starting. 


*When a signal flag is displayed under a class flag, or class flags, it means that the signal applies only to those classes so indicated.


Visual signals govern.  The race committee’s failure to execute a sound signal shall not be a valid basis for protest or redress.                                                                                                                                                    

10.2 Recalls and Restarts.  Recalls will be signaled in accord with Rule 29.  The committee may attempt to hail boat(s) recalled, but failure to hail will not excuse a boat’s failure to return to the pre-start side of the starting line.  If a general recall or postponement is signaled, the starting sequence will resume as follows: One minute after the AP or FS code flag is lowered, the Warning Signal (5 Minute) for recalled class will be made and starting sequence resumed.  The starts for succeeding classes are postponed accordingly.


10.3 The starting line will be in the vicinity of Green’s Ledge Light between a special club mark and an orange flag on the Committee Boat.

10.4 Boats whose warning signal has not been given shall keep well clear of the starting area and of all boats whose warning signal has been given. 



11.1 Changes will be signaled before the leading boat has begun the leg, although the mark may not yet be in the new position.  To change the position of the next mark, the race committee will display Code Flag “C” with repetitive sounds, and designate the approximate compass course to the new mark.  Code flags, chalk boards, signs or hail may be used to designate the approximate compass course to the new mark.  Any mark to be rounded after the new mark may be relocated without further signaling to maintain the course configuration.


11.2 The race committee may also attempt to announce changes using VHF Channel 78A, but failure to make such an announcement on Channel 78A shall not be a basis for protest or redress.


12 THE FINISH The finish line will be in the vicinity of Green’s Ledge Light between an inflatable mark and an orange flag on the Committee Boat unless the course is shortened by the race committee as provided in Rule 32.

13 PENALTY ACKNOWLEDGMENT A boat that has taken a penalty or retired under

Rule 31.2 or 44.1 shall notify the race committee upon finishing and complete an acknowledgement form at the race office within the protest time limit.


14 TIME LIMITS The finish of one boat in any class prior to 15:30 will constitute a race for all classes.  Any yacht not finishing within 5 hours and 30 minutes of the start of the last class started will be scored DNF.



15.1 Protest forms are available at the race office.  Protests shall be delivered there within the protest time limit.


15.2 Protests shall be written on standard forms available at the Norwalk YC race office and delivered there within the Protest Time, which begins when the committee boat returns to the Norwalk Yacht Club after finishing the racers and ends at 6:00 PM on the day of the race.  (See SI 4 above).  Protests will be heard at 2000 hours on Mondays at the Norwalk Yacht Club. Protest notices will be posted at the Norwalk Yacht Club on the day following the Protest Time expiration.  Decisions will be posted at the NYC following the hearing.  This changes rules 61.3 and 62.2.




15.3  Code flag “B”, which is displayed on the yard arm at the Norwalk Yacht Club, will be lowered to half staff within 30 minutes of the protest time limit to inform competitors of the timing of the expiration of the Protest Time Limit.


16 SCORING.  Scoring and awards will be in accord with the scoring provisions in each constituent series’ Notice of Race.

17. Postponement and Abandonment. A formal policy for postponement and abandonment has been adopted. See appendix B.

18. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk.  See rule 4, Decision to Race.  The organizing authorities will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.