2011 Saugatuck Harbor YC Evening Race


Saturday August 20, 2011


Hosted by


Saugatuck Harbor Yacht Club


Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions


1. Rules

The race will be governed by the International Yacht Racing Rules as adopted by the United States Sailing Association for 2009-2012, except as any of these are altered by these sailing instructions.


2. Eligibility

This race is sponsored by the Saugatuck Harbor Yacht Club and is a Norwalk Island Sailing Fleet (NISF) event. The race is open to all Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) yachts, after submitting an application (page 4) and a current YRA PHRF certificate. Boats not having current YRA PHRF ratings will be assigned ratings by the Race Committee. All members of the Norwalk Islands Sailing Fleet having paid for the Evening Race or the full program are already eligible.


3. Important Notice

No group or individual involved directly or indirectly in organizing and/or conducting this race is responsible in any way for the safety of any vessel participating in the race or for the safety of any person aboard said vessel, whether said vessel is traveling to or from the race area, maneuvering in the vicinity of the start or finish lines, or sailing the designated race course. It is the responsibility of the skipper and the crew of each vessel to be aware at all times of all the circumstances and conditions affecting such vessel and based thereon, to determine whether to participate, or to continue to participate, in the race. The safety requirements of the YRALIS have been adopted for this race.


4. Divisions

4.1 There will be four divisions:

Division 1 Spinnaker (PHRF 134 and lower)

Division 2 Spinnaker (PHRF 135 and above).

Division 3 Non-spinnaker (PHRF 134 and below)

Division 4 Non-spinnaker (PHRF 135 and above)


4.2 Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4 will be PHRF rated.


4.3 NISF yachts must notify the race committee 24 hours prior to the scheduled start of the race if they desire to switch divisions from that which they are registered in for the season.


5. Schedule of Race

Start Saturday 20 August 1700 first gun - warning signal


6. Racing Area

6.1 The start will be at navigational aid R-26, south of Peck Ledge. Courses will use government marks in Western Long Island Sound. See section 17


7. The Course

7.1 The courses to be used will be chosen by the Race Committee from the Courses and Government Marks Listed in Section 17.2


7.2 The identifying number of the course (or Govt marks to be sailed) will be displayed from the Race Committee boat before the warning signal.







8. The Start:

8.1 The start will be in accordance with racing rule 26, modified as follows, with classes starting in the following order:


Visual Signal

Audible Signal







Number 3&4 Flag raised

One gun or horn


Warning, Div. 3 and 4

P Flag raised

One gun or horn


Preparatory, Div. 3&4

P Flag lowered

One long horn



Number 3&4 Flag lowered

One gun or horn


Start, Div. 3&4

Number 1&2 Flag raised

One gun or horn


Warning, Div. 1 * see 8.2

P Flag raised

One gun or horn


Preparatory, Div. I

P Flag lowered

One long horn



Number 1&2 Lowered

One gun or horn


Start, Div. I


8.2 The Warning Signal time for Division 1&2 will be soon after all the boats in Division 3&4 have cleared the starting line. 17 05+ means a 5 minute sequence starting sometime after Division 3&4 have cleared the starting line.


8.3 Division 1&2 yachts must stay clear of the starting line until after Division 3&4 has successfully started.


8.4 The starting line will be between a flag on the Race Committee boat at one end and navigation aid R-26 at the other end.


8.5 Postponement Answering pennant + two sound signals (red & white vertical bars). Flag will be lowered one minute before new Warning Signal (5 minute sequence).


9. Recalls

9.1 Individual Recall Will be in accordance with racing rule 29.1. Code Flag X + one sound signal (blue cross on white background). The Race Committee will endeavor to hail sail numbers and/or yacht names of premature starters via VHF channel 78, but it is the responsibility of each boat to make a proper start.


9.2 General Recall will be in accordance with racing rule 29.2. First Substitute + two sound signals (yellow triangle on blue background). The first substitute will be lowered (with sound signal) one minute before the new Warning signal (5 minute sequence).


9.3 Abandonment and Cancellation: The race committee will not be present after the start. It will be the decision of each captain whether to continue or abandon the race for any reason at any time.


10. The Finish

The finishing line will within 2 boat lengths of R-26 and will be perpendicular to a line drawn from the last mark and R-26, leaving R26 to Port. No Committee Boat will be on station. When finishing all boats must sound their horn and shine a lite on their sail numbers so boats preceding and following may verify your time. All boats must take their own finish time from their GPS and report their finish time corrected to EDST, to Mike Brown at reddog_captain@yahoo.com


11. Time Limit

The time limit for all Yachts will be 18 hours after their Division Start.



12. Shortened Course

Courses will not be shortened since the committee boat is only available at the start.


13. Protests

13.1 All protests shall be in writing and must be delivered or Emailed or mailed and postmarked to the Race Committee chairman within 48 hours of the finish of the race.

Bob Counihan Telephone: 845-279-5286

61 Friendly Road

Brewster, New York 10509


13.2 Hearings will be held as described in Appendix P except as modified herein. All protests will be heard by a Protest Committee, which will ordinarily consist of the chairman of the SHYC Race Committee and at least two members of the sailing group, appointed by the chairman, except that no member may sit on the Protest Committee to consider a protest lodged by or against such member. Whenever feasible, Protest Hearing will be held following the race on the same day. When this is not possible, the Protest Committee will, after receiving the written protest, schedule a hearing to be held within 9 days of the incident. If either or both of the parties fail to attend the hearing, the Protest Committee may rule on the protest based on the evidence in hand.


14 Scoring

The Divisions will be scored using the designated handicap system. Race results will be available on the Internet at http://www.norwalksailing.com/

15 Prizes

Trophies will be given out at the NISF Annual Awards Party at Shore & Country Yacht Club at the end of the season, scheduled for November 6, 2011. Trophies to be awarded will be the traveling trophy (awarded by the committee to the Yacht with the best performance) and keeper trophies for the yachts finishing first, second and third in each Division.


16 Special Rules safety equipment and information

16.1 This is a Category B Race; please refer to the YRALIS website http://www.yralis.org or the YRALIS 2010 Racing Program for the definition of what safety equipment is required - like harnesses and personal flotation.


16.2 VHF Channel 78 will be used by the race committee.


16.3 An informal party will be held at Saugatuck Harbor YC after the race. BYOB, and snacks, beer, provided.


17. NISF 2011 Evening Race Courses

17.1 MARKS: R26 FL R 4s Bell, South of Peck Ledge

RWBH MO (A) Bridgeport mid Channel

RWPJ MO (A) Port Jefferson Entrance

R2 FL R 4s Bell @ Middle Ground Stratford Shoal

11B FL G 4s Gong North of Eaton's Neck

R28C FL R 4s Bell Cable & Anchor South of Sheffield

G15 FL G 4s Gong North of Lloyd's Point

R22 FL R 4s Bell Near Penfield Reef


17.2 COURSES: S = Div. 1 & 2 (Spinnaker) N = Div. 3&4 (Non Spinnaker)


1. S&N R26 - G15 (P) - R22 (P) - R26 (P) 26.87 NM


2. S&N R26 - 11B (P) - R2 (P) - RWBH (P) - R26 (P) 30.71 NM


3. S&N R26 - R22 (S) - G15 (S) - R26 (P) 26.87 NM


4. S&N R26 - RWBH (S) - R2 (S) - 11B (S) - R26 (P) 30.71 NM


5. S&N R26 R28C (P) R22 (P) R26 (P) 18.6 NM


6. S&N R26 R22 (S) R28C (S) R26 (P) 18.6 NM

7. S&N R26 R28C (P) 11B (P) R26 (P) 12.40NM


8. S&N R26 BWBH (P) R22 (P) R26 (P) 16.68 NM


9 S&N Committee will select the course using marks identified in section 17.1

(Start and Finish will be at R26)

Courses 1 thru 8 will require the committee to post one number.

Course 9 will require the committee to post 9 and each of the marks to be rounded and to what side, on a course board.

Rev. 9 July 2011


SAUGATUCK Harbor Yacht Club




2011 Evening Race APPLICATION



Name: ____________________________________



Address: _________________________________________________________


Phone: Home ______________ Work _______________ Fax _______________


Email: ______________________ ___ Yacht Club/Marina: ________________


Boat Name: ___________________ Type ____________ Sail # ____________

(i.e. J24)

Spinnaker _____ Non-Spinnaker _____


US Sailing Member: Yes _____ No _____ Member Number __________


PHRF Rating (enclosed certificate): __________ Fee Enclosed: __________



Note: Fees are detailed in the NISF 2011 Program and Application information


Please make checks payable to Norwalk Islands Sailing Fleet

(SHYC members may pay through their club account and send this application to the SHYC Race Committee Chairman)


Mail application, fee and PHRF certificate to:

Bob Counihan, 61 Friendly Rd, Brewster, NY 10509


Waiver of Claims:


The undersigned, skipper of the sailing yacht _______________ acknowledges that, in connection with any yacht race forming part of the Norwalk Islands Sailing Fleet / Norwalk Yacht Club / Noroton Yacht Club/ Minuteman Yacht Club / Shore & Country Club/ Sprite Island Yacht Club, and the Wilson Cove Marina Race Program for 2011, neither the race committee or any other party participating in the organization and/or sponsoring of any such race has any duty or obligation whatsoever to provide for the safety of the undersigned or their crew or yacht.


As a qualifying condition for participating in any such race, the undersigned hereby waives any and all claims against the race committee and/or any other party in the organization or sponsorship of such race, relating in any way to the participation of their yacht or crew in such race.